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My aim is to provide stunning imagery that will stand out on your Walls and give you and your family memories to treasure for many years.

Give me a call to disucss what you are wanting and we can go from there.

I love dog and equine photography. Having worked with horses for many years I have a good undertanding of their characters and behavious and had dogs of my own for many more years than that. I currently have three dogs, which  I compete at National Agility competitions with and I am also passionate about general life style dog training and will be holding some training classes this year.

I have two boys and this is where my love of photographing children comes from. I have a huge amount of patience which always helps with kids!

I am qualified with the The Society of Photographers to Associate Level, held only by 10% of members and am also Qualified with the Guild of Photographers. To me gaining qualifications is about my own personal development and ensuring that my skills are continually improving. 

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