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Capture the key milestones of your child from Newborn to before they fly the nest... it comes too soon.


Come and join me for a relaxed enjoyable photographic experience with your Newborn baby. Newborns are best captured between 7 and 15 days. This is when they are most sleepy and flexible to get those special sleepy curled up poses. You can book your session prior to your due date and if your baby arrives a little early or late then we can adjust things accordingly. Some people like to book the session after the baby has been born. Please try and give as much notice as possible to avoid disappointment. As a mother of two boys I know that it is not always possible to venture out in those early days but we will still get nice sleepy poses up to around 8 weeks of age. New born sessions are typically 2-4 hrs long depending on your baby’s routine. To ensure that everything stays relaxed there is plenty of time to feed, change and cuddle between sleeps.


There are so many key milestones in a babies development in the first year and capturing each of these special times is so important and can never be captured again. If you missed the Newborn stage with often Mums do if they have had a difficult birth or there time flew by without thinking of it I can still get wonderful images of your baby for you... each session varies depending on the age of your baby and the stage of development that they are at, so please give me a call to discuss and we can take it from there and create some stunning images for you.

One to 21!

Never work with Children and Animals they say!...... I do both, separately and often together and I love it!

Child photography starts from 1 year of age through to your child becoming a young adult. Capturing images as they reach their 1st birthday, move to pre-schoolers, starting school, the teenage years and  just before go off to Uni or fly the nest! 

I take time to get to know your children a little before the session ensure they are comfortable. The emphasis for all ages is on having fun and a great experience they will remember and that will give you the parents and grandparent images that you will treasure forever.

Session can be studio based, at home or out on location. Feel free to call me and discuss what you are looking for and we can create great images that can then be transformed into wonderful Wall Art to brighten up your home and keep those smiles with you for a long time to come.

I do not do whole family photography but if parents want to jump in to one or two of the images then that is fine with me, but the shoot will be predominantly with the children.

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